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Hi I am Sophia, a Wye Valley and Forest of Dean based therapist offering counselling and psychotherapy.

The one sure thing in life is uncertainty, and if you find yourself struggling with the challenges in your life, I can help.

I offer online short and long-term individual therapy, specialist Mother-Daughter Coaching and Couples Counselling.


What is therapy?

Engaging in counselling and psychotherapy, which are both forms of talking therapy, is an act of courage and can be a rewarding and healing experience.


Therapy offers you a unique space to explore your thoughts and emotions so that you can be empowered to make changes or develop greater understanding and acceptance of the hand you have been dealt in your life. 


People are drawn to counselling and psychotherapy for various reasons. Perhaps you are facing difficulties in your career, your relationships, or facing intense emotions. It could be that you're finding it hard to cope with a recent event in your life, or you're feeling distressed without a clear understanding of why.


Therapy can help you to make sense of these experiences. Working alongside a skilled therapist can support you to find a way forward. 

About Sophia

About Sophia

I have a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy from University of the West of England and work as a Counsellor for charities and agencies.

I have also worked in the NHS providing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to clients, working in the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Adult Services (IAPT) and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). 

More recently, I have worked at Basecamp, Chepstow and assisted in research practice at UWE using Cognitive Psychodynamic Therapy.  

Before training as a therapist I spent 13 years working as a litigation solicitor and have experience of working with and supporting a wide range of issues for individuals at times of immense distress and trauma.

I am keen to offer a therapeutic service to legal professionals who feel the stress and pressures of work are impacting their lives and need to talk to someone who understands the tensions working within the legal profession. 

I am based in the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean area.

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Accredited by the BAATN
Accredited by the BACP
Accredited by Roskje

How do I work with you?

  •  I believe that every one of us has the capacity to change and become the best they can be. 

  • The way that I work is based on my integrative training which means I tailor my therapeutic approach to meet your unique situation working collaboratively to help you achieve your needs.

  • I am a fully qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor with years of experience facilitating clients facing their emotional difficulties.

  • I am guided by my clients, believing that you hold the keys to how change might best unfold for you.

Sophia Coltart and therapy hound Bryn

My approach is based on my own therapeutic experiences both as a therapist and a client. I know the importance of being warm, approachable and authentic so that we can build a confidential and supportive relationship before we embark on the work. We can explore how the past may be in your present, unconsciously impacting your relationships, your values and your wellbeing. I also use cognitive behavioural therapies to help identify unhelpful thinking styles and looking at your behaviours and working collaboratively to facilitate the changes you want. I offer an holistic approach which will support you in recognising, and giving space to the difficult emotions and thoughts, which may have been challenging to unpick, understand, and express. I understand that seeking therapy can be a daunting process and my aim is to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your emotions and experiences. Its okay if you don't know why you are feeling the way you are or come with specific issues you want to explore. As one of the few certified Mother-Daughter coaches in the UK I work to help mothers and daughters deepen their connection, improve communication, and navigate difficult situations together. I would be privileged to help facilitate the healing needed and the change you want to make the most of your precious life. Finding the right therapist is key and I hope my website will help you decide if I can work with you because I truly believe that is the therapeutic relationship that is key to change, to feeling heard, supported, understood and empowered to overcome whatever challenges you are experiencing.  I am experienced in working with clients on a variety of issues, including: - Abuse, - Anger, - Anxiety, - Bereavement, - Career Challenges, - Cultural issues, - Depression, - Family Issues, - Relationships, - Identity Crisis, - Infertility, - Intergenerational Trauma, - Imposter Syndrome, - Loss, - Menopause, - Romantic Relationships, - Panic Attacks, - Self Harm, - Stress, - Trauma and many more.

Mother Daughter Coaching

Mother-Daughter Coaching

As one of the few certified Mother-Daughter coaches in the UK, I work to help mothers and daughters deepen their connection, improve communication, and navigate difficult situations together. I support mothers and daughters to create stronger, more emotionally bonded relationships by teaching exercises and tools that enhance their understanding of each other and their ability to listen to one another. I help women:  - Understand and heal their mother-daughter relationship problems  - Challenge and change abusive and destructive generational patterns  - Learn how to be heard, honored, and emotionally supported in all their relationships My style of working is conversational and we will explore the themes and issues that are causing pain or distress. Through a series of exercises, we will explore what’s happening currently with what has been going on in your generational family and past.  My aim is to teach you how to elevate your right to be valued, right to be heard and have your emotional needs met. There will be homework because it is through practicing what you are learning in our sessions that you will facilitate the change you desire. Mother-Daughter Coaching is based on the Mother-Daughter Attachment Model developed by renowned psychotherapist and author Rosjke Hasseldine.  Hasseldine's ground breaking research on mother-daughter relationships has helped countless women to heal and improve their connections with their mothers and daughters. I offer both individual and mother-daughter coaching sessions. The service is available online. This means time with me where I focus entirely on you and what’s going on in your life and relationships.

Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

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Couples counselling is an effective form of talking therapy designed to examine issues within an intimate relationship. My aim is to support you to understand your own relationship dynamics and what role you are each taking towards each other. There may be changes in your life that are impacting your relationship; be that becoming parents, bereavement, retirement or children leaving home. Or there may communication challenges where conflicts seem impossible to resolve or you’ve lost the meaning of your relationship - it’s natural to start to question its longevity. When this begins to falter, our health and happiness can also suffer. There may be trust issues, particularly if there has been an affair, be that physical or emotional, leaving uncertainty as to whether the relationship will be able to survive. I aim to support you to be open and honest with each other about your feelings and what your needs are moving forwards. My aim is to offer a safe and non-judgmental space to help you to find a way through any challenges in your relationship. Together, you will begin to understand your individual needs and how these can be best met within the relationship and learn new ways of communicating with each other so that you both feel heard and respected. A lot can change when we are able to show our authentic self to our partners.


What does Sophia offer?

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If you would like to explore how I may assist you in your life journey, a free 30 minute call or online meeting is a good way to discuss what you need and to ensure we’re a good fit.

It is also an opportunity for you to assess if you believe that we would be able to work together and ask any questions of me that you may have.

I am always keen to assist you in the psychotherapy process and this call aims to ease and discuss concerns.

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Individual Counselling

Therapy sessions are scheduled for once a week, in the same place at the same time.

Once we agree to work together, sessions are scheduled in sets of 6 or 10 and include a psychotherapy assessment. 

Upon completion of the course of sessions, we will review progress and next steps.

Sessions last for 50 minutes

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Mother Daughter Coaching

Mother and Daughter Coaching is conducted across 6-8 eight, 90-minute joint or 50 minute individual coaching sessions.

We will build a personalised mother daughter generational map and there will be customized homework and resources to work from during the course of sessions.

The aim is to help you, be you, whether the mother or daughter, or both, seeking to overcome difficulties you may be facing.

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In couples counselling sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis, in the same place at the same time and last 50 minutes.

The initial session will focus on the issues at hand and what your joint aims are for the therapy.

The objective is to create a safe space to develop awareness of the challenges faced together and to explore solutions or new skills based on your unique needs as a couple.


I work with adults from 18 years onwards.

Mother and Daughter Coaching is available for as single client sessions or for Mothers and Daughters to work together.

Please contact me to discuss, I aim to respond to messages within 24 hours.


Get in Touch

Monmouth, Sir Fynwy

+44 (0)7700 156274

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